I Need You Lyrics

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I Need You
© 2009 Adamo/Deau
Lyrics by Ayesha Adamo / Vocal melodies by Ayesha Adamo / Music by David Deau

What makes your whisper feel like velvet in my ear
What makes the rain drops fall on rooftops, keeping time for our tears

Pre-Chorus A: Won’t you hold me now
I can hear the sound
Of your breath, it’s making clouds against my window – my window

Chorus A: From the day I heard you speak
All I needed was to be
Beside you
Won’t you let me close your eyes
Won’t you let me hear the cries
Inside you

There is a story in your face that must be told
Your dusty pages are the bookmarks and the keepers of my soul

Pre-Chorus B: I’ll paint you beauty young
Until you come undone
In a multi-coloured springtime
Shake the winter from your brow and tell me

Chorus A

Chorus B: Maybe yes and maybe no
Maybe I don’t need to know
To reach you
All I’ve got is all I have
All I feel is all I am
I need you

Instrumental Break

Chorus A/Chorus B

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