Worlds Away Lyrics

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Worlds Away
© 2009 Adamo/Deau
Lyrics by Ayesha Adamo / Vocal melodies by Ayesha Adamo / Music by David Deau

I dreamt I was a poet
And you were my muse
You gave me heartbreak
And I turned it into truth

Cut a sliver from your waking life
For the pages of my sleep
But it only feels like love
When it’s something I can’t keep

So I will write your verses
But you won’t even now my name
I only give the gifts I know you can’t repay

Chorus: Say you’ll be near me
Say that my dreams of you can stay
Say that you hear me
Even when you are worlds away

I was listening for the morning
In the final breath of night
And the sun turns you to shadow
And you’re slipping from my sight

If I wake myself too quickly
I could soon forget your face
And I don’t want to see us go along our separate ways

Chorus 2x

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